Small Town Elections

Election party at LuAnn’s house!  The usual suspects were at hand ready to have a drink and to demolish the hors d’ oeuvres.
Mind you, we do not live in Frankfort, Mike cannot vote there.  I can vote only in Germany because I am still not a citizen in this country, which is a surprise to many people and it raises several eyebrows now and then. But there you have it.  Things that happen in Frankfort effect all of us, so this was an exciting party to be at.

Myra brought  a bottle of cyanide and some cool aid (for those of you who remember way back)  in case the wrong people were re-elected 😉

Thankfully we could drink champagne instead.

This morning I stopped by LuAnn’s  after dropping the boys off at school, to re-hash last night’s goings on and on my way out, I saw the sky dark gray in the west – the promise of snow is very real




Those clouds must be bringing in the fish because the pier and the beach were busy with fishermen.

4 thoughts on “Small Town Elections

  1. That first picture is beautiful!!!

  2. Christine Tilley

    Election party sounds fun. But then again everything you post sounds fun.

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