Today is Homecoming in Frankfort!

Ty would be in the parade and I had cottages to get ready before 3PM
I made it into town with minutes to spare until the parade started.

I have pictures of every car and float- the parade was over in 5.4 seconds.

As I was driving through Forest Avenue to get to a good parade-watching spot, I spied this:

football team

Oh lookie here, the Frankfort Panthers        🙂

Grand Marshall was the fabulous Kerry Nugent our very own Special Ed teacher

Homecoming parade

Mike Thompson, English Teacher and JV Football Coach
with the Freshmen Reps



Sophomores Tami Banktson and Tallon Bigley

Frankfort Homecoming

Mike Zimmerman, Math Teacher and Baseball Coach with the Junior Reps

Frankfort Homecoming

Nancy Tondu driving Gail Nugent’s (Graceland Fruit Nugents)
shnazzy flitzer with Gail’s grandson Danny Nugent
(his mother is the Grand Marshall – small world, eh?)
and a cute girl that I do not know

Dangit, wouldn’t you know it, I was looking away for a second and I missed
taking a picture of Ty and his buddies on their Kiss float.

So I ran to the car and chased them down, cornered them at the

Elementary School and got a couple of pretty ok pictures


Remember to click on the little pictures to see the big picture

The game against the Suttons Bay Norsemen is at half time as I type this.

We have a winner

We have a winner!

Congratulations Judy.

We will see you here for the weekend of October 23-25.

How did I find the winner? I wrote down and gave a number to each post and then fed that to a random number generator.

The answer to my question was 25 feature films were filmed right here in Michigan in 2008.

Not too shabby, I say.

Thanks to all of you who entered.

The Elk Ranch

Going toward Traverse City, through Beulah up the hill and a right hand turn at the Best Western,  there is Bonnie Bros. land.  They own lots and lots of acres.   Lots and lots!

For our first Christmas here in Michigan, we wanted to go and cut a blue spruce to decorate. In California trees came already cut, loosing needles and generally looking pretty pathetic and they were incredibly expensive.  So Mike and I always opted not to have tree and decorate our grocery store bought palm tree with tinsel instead.

So, for our first Christmas here, we wanted a real and beautiful tree – a tradition which we kept up until last year.  But that’s a whole other (disturbing) story.  Someone told us to go to the Bonnie Brothers down between Beulah and Honor, “they have gorgeous trees and a bunch of elk”.  Huh?  Did he say “elk”?

So, the Saturday after Thanksgiving  1995, we bundled up the boys, because It had snowed quite a bit already. We climbed into my Bronco, Mike grabbed rope and off we went.     My eyes were as big as silver dollars when we arrived at Bonnie’s.  There were the most magnificent blue spruces and there were elk     😯

Through the deep snow we climbed, choosing this tree and then that.  One was more beautiful then the next, more perfect then the last.  My smart husband had packed some red ribbons which we tied to the trees we liked best.  Finally we made a decision and now it was time for Mike to pull out the saw and go to work.  While he did that, I “herded” the boys towards the elk.  I don’t think they realized what they saw there.  I got no reaction from them.  I was slightly disappointed about that but very happy to get this pretty tree home.

Bonnie Bros. has long since stopped selling trees and the elk are no longer here either.

Last week, when I drove to Traverse City, I took a jaunt down memory lane and drove by the place.  The signs are still there and it looks like the elk are just out at another pasture, but sadly they are gone for good.

Elk ranch

Elk ranch

Elk ranch

There’s the old, familiar sign

tree farm

And here are some of the trees still standing

log building

As I drove on, I came across this huge project.   All these logs stacked so beautifully. There was a single man there working on this building – with hand tools.


I’ll have to go back soon to see the progress he’s made.

Flower boxes

Yippeeeee, I found my camera.  No, Marc found my camera.  Mike offered him all that he had in his wallet to return the camera to me and wouldn’t you know it, the camera was in Mike’s truck.  I left it there last Thursday.


Ok, this one still looked alright so I didn’t mess with it.

fall kitchen window box


I have found the perfect home for Sassy McQuackerson and Maisy for the winter

office window box

Looks a little like …the pumpkins are too small, maybe?


Flower box/fish tank by cottage 2 a.k.a. Chickadee Chalet   😉



Ok, that about does it.  Today the sun was out in full force and it was nice and warm.  Very enjoyable.

Miller’s Northwoods Market

The flower-boxes looked so pitiful, I decided to replace all the dead plants with something more befitting the season.  They needed sprucing up with gourds and pumpkins.  I called LuAnn to see if she needed to get away – she did.

What fun it always is to drive down M-22 through Arcadia , past Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course and zoom around the bend and another 1/2 mile straight only to end up at Chester and Bonnie Miller’s Northwoods Market.  There is always something to giggle at or someone to giggle with.  Chester is this cute and cuddly farmer who polishes and sells Petoskey stones among so many other things.  There are jams, jellies, soaps, sweatshirts, cherry products and of course a pile of fruits in season.

Pumpkins, I got pumpkins but I couldn’t afford to buy gourds at 50 cents per pound, tempting as they were.   Later I went to LuAnn’s place to make her part with some of her greenery, all of which went into the flower-boxes and looks spectacular.

I have misplaced both my cameras. Don’t ask me how.  I have a feeling I am staring at them and cannot see them. For now there are pictures of our shopping spree at the Millers only. Pictures of the flower-boxes have to come later

Millers 3

This is new – cheese…

millers 4

millers 5

Local jams, jellies, syrups and honey

Chester Miller 2

Just look at these berries.  I had to buy 2 quarts because the boyzz love eating them.  They were soooo sweet and juicy, unlike the ones that I had bought in the grocery store that looked the same but tasted AWFUL.

millers 7

A cupboard full of soaps from Beedazzled

millers 8

millers 9 petoskey stone

Nicely polished Petoskey stones

millers 10

The obligatory artsy fartsy shot

millers 14

Don’t you just love that old register?  I do, heheh

millers customers

And here are some of Chester’s happy customers

millers 12

One last look behind the counter and LuAnn and I are off to toodle back home for another round of cleaning…