Small Town U.S.A.

November Elections in Frankfort.
No, this is not a political statement or rant – it is an observation.

My friend Art Schneider sent this picture this morning.

Frankfort November elections

That’s interesting because I have been driving past these and other, very similar, signs  all last week, thinking that it is funny that there are no last names.  So, I am not the only one that scratched their head about this.

Isn’t it cool?

I’ve been told

I have had several emails in the last few days and 2 phone calls today about not keeping up here.  Soooooo, I am going to go outside and show you what it looks like here behind the house on October 23, 2009.

It rained so hard about 30 minutes ago, that I actually stopped what I was doing to see what the commotion outside was all about.

This is the view from the bay window




The other day, Mike said the falling leaves were making an awful noise.  He was right.  It was quite noisy.

Today is the perfect kind of day, I think.  It is wet, cold and gloomy. Just right for getting outside and being rained on and all cold and frozen, only to come back inside have some hot cocoa with a shot of rum and some whipped cream on top.  We call that Russian Chocolate.  Or maybe an Irish Coffee?    Or a Pharisaer?  num, num  One of my all time favorite drinks.


Pour strong black coffee into a regular sized coffee cup, add one lump of sugar,  add a shot-glass full of braun Jamaican rum and on top of that a good sized dollop of  homemade whipped cream.  Do not stir but drink the coffee with the rum through the whipped cream.

Beware!! If you are drinking that in a restaurant or a bar and you stir it,  you are obligated to buy a drink for everyone at the restaurant!  The bartenders are going to make sure to let you know that they have caught you in a “no-no” , heheh

Going into town

I had to go into town this morning to look for small pumpkins – I needed 6 of them to replace the impatiens that got frozen in the icy overnight temperatures a week or so ago.   On my way to the store I stopped on Main Street to see what new stuff Mariah had in her store. Of course I found a few nice things to take home on approval.

Finally a picture of Mariah!


For the first time ever I saw the weather vane that is on top of Frankfort’s City Hall.  I really don’t like that building.  Actually the building is nice if it were located in let’s say…Colorado?  In my mind it does not fit into a beach community. It’s a building for the mountains.  No one consulted me, pfft.

So, there is this beautiful weather vane on atop this misplaced building



And now I have to show you the decorated lamp posts.  These are the first ones, there are many more to come.  I thought this one at Dinghy’s is really stunning


This one, in front of Walenta’s is from the people at the Maples – our longterm care facility


Here is java 429’s display.



And the last one for today is in front of Mariah’s store, it is her display.  Can you believe she put her carved bear out there?  I would worry just a tiny bit about someone liking him too much.

Yes, I found the perfect pumpkins.  Here are a couple of pictures of my handy-work.

cute, huh?

What do you think?