Small Town U.S.A.

November Elections in Frankfort.
No, this is not a political statement or rant – it is an observation.

My friend Art Schneider sent this picture this morning.

Frankfort November elections

That’s interesting because I have been driving past these and other, very similar, signs  all last week, thinking that it is funny that there are no last names.  So, I am not the only one that scratched their head about this.

Isn’t it cool?

14 thoughts on “Small Town U.S.A.

  1. Oh that is FUNNY! Small town livin’ indeed. 🙂

  2. I noticed the signs too! I was looking for one that said Iris!!

  3. I love that! I think that is the way it should be. We should only be voting for people we can recognize by first name.

  4. A case of ‘nuf said! Love it.

  5. Christine Tilley

    Do they do radio ads as well? The ones here in Jersey are horrible. The candidates do nothing but attach each other. I can’t wait for elections to be over. Another great quality of your little town.

  6. I just love those signs, it really is a wonderful example of just how special Frankfort is.

  7. thosebowmangirls

    I must confess, I have been tempted to add to the signage: Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice

    I was afraid no one would get it.

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