Going into town

I had to go into town this morning to look for small pumpkins – I needed 6 of them to replace the impatiens that got frozen in the icy overnight temperatures a week or so ago.   On my way to the store I stopped on Main Street to see what new stuff Mariah had in her store. Of course I found a few nice things to take home on approval.

Finally a picture of Mariah!


For the first time ever I saw the weather vane that is on top of Frankfort’s City Hall.  I really don’t like that building.  Actually the building is nice if it were located in let’s say…Colorado?  In my mind it does not fit into a beach community. It’s a building for the mountains.  No one consulted me, pfft.

So, there is this beautiful weather vane on atop this misplaced building



And now I have to show you the decorated lamp posts.  These are the first ones, there are many more to come.  I thought this one at Dinghy’s is really stunning


This one, in front of Walenta’s is from the people at the Maples – our longterm care facility


Here is java 429’s display.



And the last one for today is in front of Mariah’s store, it is her display.  Can you believe she put her carved bear out there?  I would worry just a tiny bit about someone liking him too much.

Yes, I found the perfect pumpkins.  Here are a couple of pictures of my handy-work.

cute, huh?

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Going into town

  1. I agree about the building. I can see it in Telluride, CO not so much Frankfort, MI…….
    Very cute light posts! When did they start doing that?
    Love your little pumpkin “plants”!

    • Hey Shelley, thanks for agreeing with me. Usually when I say something about that building, people look at me like I grew a third eye

      I think the decorating of lamp posts started when Joanne Bartley became Chamber of Commerce Director. She’s full of good ideas and of course she’s supported by some forward thinking members 😉

      Yes, yes, yes…our trip is November 15 – 23. Sooo excited. So many nice things are planned. I am packed and ready to go. The town car is on order and ready to take us to the resort, dinner ressies are made. I can’t think of anything else to do but twiddle my thumbs.

  2. I wondered what happened to you. Nothing blogged for 4 days! DisneyWorld is in November right?

  3. Oh so cute pumpkins! Your post put me in the Halloween spirit. Some of those storefront displays are cool as well. That Maples one especially looked pretty freaky.

  4. We Hadn’t heard from you in so long I to thought you took off and left us all hanging. The town looks great. Kay & Don

    • Sorry peeps, I just didn’t have anything to report about. It’s going to be slim pickins here for the next few months. Or maybe not. I am going to do a lot of work inside the cottages before we close them down around the 11th of November. Painting, nailing, fixing, replacing…everybody, come back and look at my handiwork next spring!!

  5. My little town of Coopersville has scarecrows displayed but not so lovely as your displays. So you shut your cottages down in November. I wondered if they heated well. I can’t wait to return and I extend an invite to visit here with access to many good cities nearby. My whole second floor is available. Come visit!

    • Hi Pam, those cottages do heat very well. I spend thousands on propane, heehee. But I need my peace and quiet after my busy season and I want to spend time with the boys, which is very difficult when we’re open. Someone always needs something…

  6. Christine Tilley

    Again, your town looks charming. Love the pics. I can’t wait to see Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing toots.

  7. Wow, I really liked the town decorations, Mariah did a great job with hers!

    I was beginning to think you ran away from all that cold and blustery weather.

    Looks like a warm up is in store for us this week, hope it hits you as well.

  8. thosebowmangirls

    I agree with you on the City Hall, AND the expense of it! It doesn’t really fit, good third eye! You are coming to euchre Wed.? Mom says she is coming! I really like your potted pumpkins!

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