Oh Boy, the weather

The weather sure wasn’t cooperating this weekend.

Saturday morning was gorgeous and the Fall Festival Parade went off without a hitch.

LuAnn and I found a spot in front of the drug store and pretty soon, there were a whole bunch of people we knew assembled, ready to watch:

After the parade, LuAnn and I walked back to her place, I drove home – I needed to get ready for another big event, namely

Cindy’s wedding

As Mike and I got on the road around 2:30 to drive to Honor, it started to rain, then it snowed heavy, wet snow and we noticed many, many cars leaving Frankfort.  Ohoh, the Fall Festival was over, everyone fled to warmer places like their homes.  Mike and I headed to watch Cindy get hitched and we made it just in time.  No pictures, because I forgot to take my camera.  I can tell you it was a great country hoedown in the middle of her beautiful, huge field in this immense white tent, there were hundreds of guests, none of which Mike and I knew.

9 thoughts on “Oh Boy, the weather

  1. Hi, saw your post as recent “zapping” around in the Travel tag.

    Frankfort looks like a calm relaxing town from what you show. Could you add a link to google maps to make it easier to locate please?

    The same would help in the wayfarerlodgings.com site 🙂 .

    Thank you.

  2. Christine Tilley

    Your pics are great. Looks like a fun time!

    • It was. Mike is the lonely person in the second picture. He’s walking alone to announce that the parade is coming. We laughed. My friend and hair dresser Lee called this morning and said that she will make him a costume to go with the job for next year. Oh, I can just imagine what she’ll do to him.

  3. Ooh, a costume for Mike!! Now there better be pictures of that next year.

  4. I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed that there are no pictures from Cindy’s wedding. 😦

  5. Yes yes yes!! A wedding report. 🙂

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