Today is Homecoming in Frankfort!

Ty would be in the parade and I had cottages to get ready before 3PM
I made it into town with minutes to spare until the parade started.

I have pictures of every car and float- the parade was over in 5.4 seconds.

As I was driving through Forest Avenue to get to a good parade-watching spot, I spied this:

football team

Oh lookie here, the Frankfort Panthers        🙂

Grand Marshall was the fabulous Kerry Nugent our very own Special Ed teacher

Homecoming parade

Mike Thompson, English Teacher and JV Football Coach
with the Freshmen Reps



Sophomores Tami Banktson and Tallon Bigley

Frankfort Homecoming

Mike Zimmerman, Math Teacher and Baseball Coach with the Junior Reps

Frankfort Homecoming

Nancy Tondu driving Gail Nugent’s (Graceland Fruit Nugents)
shnazzy flitzer with Gail’s grandson Danny Nugent
(his mother is the Grand Marshall – small world, eh?)
and a cute girl that I do not know

Dangit, wouldn’t you know it, I was looking away for a second and I missed
taking a picture of Ty and his buddies on their Kiss float.

So I ran to the car and chased them down, cornered them at the

Elementary School and got a couple of pretty ok pictures


Remember to click on the little pictures to see the big picture

The game against the Suttons Bay Norsemen is at half time as I type this.

4 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Ok, so what was the score of the game?

    And, is Marc happy about you posting pictures of his ex??? hehehe

    • Marc has no clue, heehee
      And the score was…10 to 6 for Frankfort and then something totally stupid happened in the last 7 seconds of the game and the Norsemen won the dang game.
      Everyone was bummed out for 10 minutes and then they all talked about the Homecoming dance

  2. Oh well, at least they got over it quickly. 🙂

    So, did it snow? How was the fall festival?

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