Miller’s Northwoods Market

The flower-boxes looked so pitiful, I decided to replace all the dead plants with something more befitting the season.  They needed sprucing up with gourds and pumpkins.  I called LuAnn to see if she needed to get away – she did.

What fun it always is to drive down M-22 through Arcadia , past Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course and zoom around the bend and another 1/2 mile straight only to end up at Chester and Bonnie Miller’s Northwoods Market.  There is always something to giggle at or someone to giggle with.  Chester is this cute and cuddly farmer who polishes and sells Petoskey stones among so many other things.  There are jams, jellies, soaps, sweatshirts, cherry products and of course a pile of fruits in season.

Pumpkins, I got pumpkins but I couldn’t afford to buy gourds at 50 cents per pound, tempting as they were.   Later I went to LuAnn’s place to make her part with some of her greenery, all of which went into the flower-boxes and looks spectacular.

I have misplaced both my cameras. Don’t ask me how.  I have a feeling I am staring at them and cannot see them. For now there are pictures of our shopping spree at the Millers only. Pictures of the flower-boxes have to come later

Millers 3

This is new – cheese…

millers 4

millers 5

Local jams, jellies, syrups and honey

Chester Miller 2

Just look at these berries.  I had to buy 2 quarts because the boyzz love eating them.  They were soooo sweet and juicy, unlike the ones that I had bought in the grocery store that looked the same but tasted AWFUL.

millers 7

A cupboard full of soaps from Beedazzled

millers 8

millers 9 petoskey stone

Nicely polished Petoskey stones

millers 10

The obligatory artsy fartsy shot

millers 14

Don’t you just love that old register?  I do, heheh

millers customers

And here are some of Chester’s happy customers

millers 12

One last look behind the counter and LuAnn and I are off to toodle back home for another round of cleaning…

5 thoughts on “Miller’s Northwoods Market

  1. Christine Tilley

    Gosh you’re life and Frankfort seem so idyllic. Looks so charming, the simple life. Farmer’s markets are the best, aren’t they?

  2. I forgot about the Petoskey stones…Jake liked those and bought a couple when we were up there!

  3. I just love places like that market. They have withstood the test of time. 🙂

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