Taste of Benzie without me :(

Dangit, I decided to start on my diet again yesterday and therefore I am not able to go up to Frankfort to eat my way through “Taste of Benzie”.

When you think of it, there’s always one thing or another that comes up that has to do with food.  If it isn’t dinner with friends, or having people over for cocktails, then it’s the Taste of Benzie or the Saturday market in Frankfort or this or the other restaurant is cleaning out their cupboards because they’re closing for the season, waaaaaaahhhhhh

Speaking of food, heh! – Katie brought over the most amazing Pesto, which she made from the basil in our garden.  She makes it with walnuts not pine nuts.  Interesting  huh?  It is so good, I could eat it with a spoon.  Ummm…I have eaten it with a spoon       😳

Forgive me for blogging about food, today is my “fruit only” day.  I am dreaming of a rustic roll from the bakery and some butter and then some ham on there.



Unrelated picture of the Canadians from the "wicked" post

Unrelated picture of the Canadians from the “wicked” and the
“regarding wicked” posts

A new roof

We need a new roof.   Blah, there I said it.

We need to work on  a lot of things but the roof takes precedence.  So, about a week ago Mike sent me down to Frankfort Building Supply to pick out the right green shingles.  I did.  Nice green.  The next day when they delivered the green shingles I said to myself: “terracotta colored shingles would be more interesting looking”. Obviously that conversation with me came too late.  Darn, why don’t I ever think just a tiny bit quicker on my feet.
The guys have been working on it since Tuesday and it’s coming along nicely.

For the ladies in my audience, heehee

For the ladies in my audience, heehee

I must say, I am impressed – I cannot get up higher than the first rung on a ladder before I  shriek in panic and my heart starts to beat like crazy.  That actually is a good thing now that I think about it because this way we hire that job done      😉


Resuming our morning walks

Bear and I are resuming our morning walks around the Wayfarer grounds.
Even if we didn’t have a real summer this year,  I am looking forward to everything that fall has to offer, starting with cool, foggy mornings.

So, this morning we walked past our tiny apple tree. It’s been with us about 10 years – Mike planted it and there it stands.  It has never grown even an inch and this year it doesn’t have leaves.  This maybe because of the tent worms, I am not sure.

the artsy apple tree

The artsy apple tree – doesn’t it look great?  I love it just the way it is.

The naked apple tree with one tiny, little apple

The naked apple tree with one tiny, little apple and see, there is a spider’s web there too


And just look at this convoluted design.
I kept making the web quiver but no spider appeared.


hornet nest

And then we discovered a hornet nest in the pine tree by cottage 1
We took this picture and then went inside for coffee and a doggy treat!