Is it a Lake or an Ocean?

Holy-moly, the wind today should have been classified as a hurricane.  Wow, I was told that it was coming at us with 65 knots and getting stronger.   Amazing.  They had front loaders on the 2 blocks closest to the beach on Main Street to push the sand back to where it belongs – the beach.  After finishing my morning work and checking new guests in, a little after 4 pm, I drove up to Frankfort to see for myself what the guests had been telling me. Of course by that time I was way too late to catch a glimpse of those huge, yellow machines.

Wow, the lake didn’t look like a lake anymore.  It’s more like an ocean with the waves breaking over both the south and the north piers.  Simply amazing.  I took a bunch of pictures for some reason the camera isn’t fast enough or what ever you might call that.  I saw the big waves coming, aimed and shot and the camera would take f-o-r-  e-v-e-r   to “reload”. And so I always shot the pictures in between what I really wanted to get.

My car and windshield got sand blasted,  good, it is now ready for that new paint job   :mrgreen:

Here are the pics of today. I hope they are sharp enough and the contrast is there

remember to click on the little pictures to see them better

14 thoughts on “Is it a Lake or an Ocean?

  1. Thanks for the report Iris. I would have loved to sit and watch the waves. Your photo’s are the second best thing. When we lived in Sturgeon Bay we would drive up to Cave Point during hight winds to sit and watch the waves come crashing into the rocks.

    Thanks again,

    • Gosh Robbyn, it is my favorite season to be sure. So interesting and rugged. Some of our schools didn’t open today. I imagine it is because of trees falling and power outages. Thank goodness not in Frankfort though, I could not deal with my boys being home today – not after the morning we’ve had 🙂 heehee

  2. It does look like the ocean. I wonder what the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted for this winter. I am hoping we have alot of snow. Jersey usually gets cheated.

  3. Our local news channel out here reported the storm down in Holland. The waves were amazing!

  4. Wow, that is amazing. We thought the waves were kicking up back in August, but today’s waves have that beat!

  5. We’ve had it rough & rainy (well, until today) but it looks like you guys had much more crazy wind down there in the Lower. The lake/ocean looks so churning! I know what you mean about the camera not being fast enough to catch some of the action. That’s when I start pining for a faster camera, but not the cost associated with it!

    • you and me both. I wish someone would take pity on me and buy me one, heehee. Ok, that won’t happen.
      Yes, the wind was incredible. Fantastic. I could have been out there for hours. Exfoliating my skin and enjoying the sights at the same time 🙂

  6. The traffic was backed up for a mile near the Grand Haven beach and the waves broke 20-30ft over the top of the lighthouse! We all are certainly fascinated with the lake waters and how fortunate we are as well to be so close and yet not have the threat of sunami as the areas I am hearing about now with earthquakes. Michigan is a majestic state and I love every season of it!

    • It is amazing, isn’t it? Today the weather was back to summer temps and pretty smooth water in the bay. Now I didn’t see the big lake today, so I do not know if the water calmed down – I can imagine that it has.
      We had a beautiful day today

  7. Do you know that I just now found the smiley face you have posted on the top of this page?? How long has it been there?

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