So it’s here


20th Anniversary Celebrations
(I think they’re celebrating)

It started on Wednesday and for some reason I have not seen the participants yet.

I am not sure what’s going on there, maybe they didn’t appreciate the decorations this year?

You remember I had this heap of after dinner mints.

I made nice piles of them on the pillows


and the rest I stuffed into their coffeemakers, hehehe

See, I even stuffed the filter compartment.

What?  No way – I am not going down there to find out what they thought about that.

If you want to know, you go and ask

6 thoughts on “N.M.G.E. II

  1. Any word yet?? What is going on down there?

  2. nada. I have no idea. You go down there…heheh

  3. Well you know I would if I were close enough. I am such a nosey rosey.

  4. Ok, so what was the outcome?? A little nosey myself.

  5. Apparently they were waiting for me to show up at “their” house. “the road goes both ways” I was told. Blah 🙂

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