I cannot believe I am saying this, but I am happy to hear the rain tapping on my windows.

We haven’t had any rain for the entire month of September and I believe August as well.  We needed it.  Very considered of St. Peter not to let it rain until the roof was completely finished.

Bear is sitting outside on the stoop, almost out of the rain, enjoying the view, I think.  It’s dark.  How much does a dog see when it’s pitch dark? There he sits, gets sprinkled on and comes inside periodically, waiting for me to grab two bath mats and dry him off.   Then he ambles back outside, only to come back inside 10 minutes later.  I think he enjoys the massage.

Bear’s special friend Sharon and her husband Tom have left for the last time this year and he was a bit upset when he wandered down to their cottage one morning and they were no longer there.    But soon enough old friends of his from last fall, Ralph and his wife Wilda, arrived from West Virginia and took over where Sharon and Tom left off.

Now Bear sits in front of Ralph’s cottage whenever he and his wife are not fishing and is waiting to be fed some toast with butter, that spoiled brat, hehe

Tonight we are looking forward to hosting the boys men of N.M.G.E starting tomorrow evening.  Let’s hope that the weather now turns nice again, just like the weatherman promised this morning, so that the guys have a great time golfing, eating and drinking.

6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. ahhhhh, rain…..
    wish i had some….

    • When I was maybe 7 years old, I was only like 2 1/2 feet tall and everyone always talked about how little I was and how little my face, mouth and nose were. So whenever it rained, I would run outside and stand in the rain, hoping to grow. hehe, I like rain – a lot

  2. Yes, we need the rain as well. I think Bear most certainly does enjoy a good massage, Happy, on the other hand, sees the towel coming at him and runs right back outside. Only an old dog can appreciate a massage. :)) I love that picture of him. He looks so content.

  3. You know I have a “Bear” – our golden retriever. Didn’t know you had a Bear also! What a great picture of him. I love labs – old and otherwise!

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