I have some fish pictures

Cindy and Dave who stayed at the Wayfarer over Labor Day Weekend, were kind enough to invite Marc to go on a fishing charter with them.   Here are the pictures to prove that they are real fishermen/women

Cindy and Dave

Cindy and Dave

Marc loving every minute of this trip

Marc loving every minute of this trip

crank it...

crank it…

Steelhead caught by Marc

Steelhead caught by Marc

very pretty    🙂

Cindy and Dave left Monday morning and forgot to take their fish. It is in my freezer waiting for instructions from them on what to do with it.

Now wait a minute,
There had to be more pictures of different fish,
I know that they didn’t
just catch this one steelhead

August 8, 2009 004

4 thoughts on “I have some fish pictures

  1. Oh boy, my boys will be very jealous when they see that steelhead. The big boy, especially. hehehe

  2. ok, Dave just came by to pick up that load of fish.
    He says he doesn’t like Cosmopolitans anymore. I have no idea why he said that :mrgreen:

  3. Great photos. That is a very impressive fish.

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