Rosemary and Sage

Not a recipe,
read on…

Pam Key stayed with us last weekend.  It was her second stay.  The first one was earlier this summer.  She was with Mitzie or is that Mitzy? – her small, white poodle.   We got along very well that first visit so she brought her husband this time around.

Pam left a wonderful letter for me in which she inquired about the little herb bundles that I put on the pillows when I have time.  I mentioned those herb bundles once before in passing.

rosemary and sage

rosemary and sage

They are there because I like the smell of Sage. I like Rosemary too, but I like Sage more.   Sometimes, when I have Lavender or Thyme, I’ll use that with the sage. Then it can be useful under the pillow when sleeping…ahhhhhhhhhh


Aromatherapy so to speak. I don’t like synthetic scents.

And that is all there is to it Pam.

rosemary and sage bundle

Please note:  I would not put those little treasures on the beds of the fishermen that are here right now,  they would definitely laugh at me, heehee.  Joan, you know of whom I speak       :mrgreen:

Ummmm…a couple of months ago when I bought some fresh Lavender at the Elberta Farmer’s Market, I made a bundle like that for myself and stuffed it under my pillow.  It was wonderful.
The next morning I had forgotten all about the Lavender, when all I could see were these tiny little “droppings” in my bed, which made me freak out completely.
Of course in my drowsy head I thought they are mouse droppings, which would mean that there is a mouse in the house…   YIKES  –  that is one of the most paralyzing thoughts for me.  Give me spiders, give me snakes, but please keep the meeses away from this house.

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that the lavender blossoms had all rubbed off the stalk and were all over my bed, heehee

6 thoughts on “Rosemary and Sage

  1. Oh good lord, I hate to think of meeces running about as well. Why is that?? They are such sweet little critters.

  2. Rosemary and sage, ahhhh, it is a great combo. Yes, you got it right, Mitzie is she. We will leave her her at camp LeMieux (a neighbor) this weekend to set off for a 50 mile bike tour starting in Mackinaw City, so, not so anxious to leave without her.
    How goes the diet? I love foods so instead of illiminating what I love, I step up the burning it up mode, even in small ways, which add up. More activitiy (you must find the time) and less stress as well! I hope the roofing is going, going, done. It will certainly add to the beauty of the home that it is!

    • I know, I know, I am not moving enough. This addiction to the computer…also being at home all the time isn’t helping. I pulled out my nordic walking sticks this morning – the plan is to use them starting tomorrow.
      Let’s see what happens
      Also I have lost 7 lbs. since I started. Of course that’s water weight and at my current weight, difficult to see but I am doing it. Today is vegetables only. Thank goodness yesterday was market day and I have a mountain of veggies ready to be devoured 🙂

  3. Janice Gravelines

    Are your guest aware of what a wonderful hostess you are? I would be so thrilled if I found one of those little bundles on my pillow – even more than a towel animal!! (although maybe not the shedding lavendar! I’m with you about the meeces – well, except M & M).

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