Taste of Benzie without me :(

Dangit, I decided to start on my diet again yesterday and therefore I am not able to go up to Frankfort to eat my way through “Taste of Benzie”.

When you think of it, there’s always one thing or another that comes up that has to do with food.  If it isn’t dinner with friends, or having people over for cocktails, then it’s the Taste of Benzie or the Saturday market in Frankfort or this or the other restaurant is cleaning out their cupboards because they’re closing for the season, waaaaaaahhhhhh

Speaking of food, heh! – Katie brought over the most amazing Pesto, which she made from the basil in our garden.  She makes it with walnuts not pine nuts.  Interesting  huh?  It is so good, I could eat it with a spoon.  Ummm…I have eaten it with a spoon       😳

Forgive me for blogging about food, today is my “fruit only” day.  I am dreaming of a rustic roll from the bakery and some butter and then some ham on there.



Unrelated picture of the Canadians from the "wicked" post

Unrelated picture of the Canadians from the “wicked” and the
“regarding wicked” posts

19 thoughts on “Taste of Benzie without me :(

  1. Iris You didn’t say anything about the boys football game. Like who won?

  2. Mmm, the pesto sounds really good, Iris. Hope you had good luck with your only fruit day. Have done that too. Doesn’t food always taste better afterward?

  3. I have a weakness for bread… and now I really want some of reading this post.

    Just stopped by to welcome you to SITS. So glad you joined us.

    • Thanks much Christina.
      Bread is my weakness as well. Oh if it wasn’t for bread.
      When I moved to the US, there was no bread here, ok, if you want to cound wonder bread, there was bread. Now, it’s almost impossible to escape it. So many good bakers are working hard these days to make our bodies misserable, heheh!

  4. Janice Gravelines

    OMIGOSH! Re: Wicked: They have River Heights written all over them! Hope they had a good time – it sure looks like it. I started dieting yesterday too – South Beach for me – I did well the first time I tried the Idiot’s Diet, but last time – I just couldn’t face it. Be strong Iris!

    • After the email they sent me, they had a really nice time and will be back.
      Have you not met them yet? Oy.
      I had the same problem last time with the idiot’s diet as you did. Let us see how it goes. I am looking into the South Beach diet too. Gawd, why is this so difficult?

      • Janice Gravelines

        No, haven’t met them yet. I think I’ll go knock on their door and they can ask me in for coffee. lol. As diets go – South Beach has been the most successful for us. The problem with it is I must spend at least 2 hours a day in preparation and cooking. However, I have to admit that I feel better when I’m on it. My acid reflux disappears immediately. Off for my walk now.

  5. The only thing that works for me is lots of water and walking. I wear a pedometer and try for 1o,ooo steps a day. I’ve kept my 40 lbs off for about 3 years…but I don’t cook either..you are such a good cook Iris that I totally understand why it must be hard..

  6. Poor Iris…. 😦

  7. Oh the willpower you are exhibiting! I am impressed.

    No more diets for me. I just need to figure out how to go about my life without eating everything in sight!! heheh

  8. If you can’t have cocktails on your diet, you are on the wrong diet…..

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