Resuming our morning walks

Bear and I are resuming our morning walks around the Wayfarer grounds.
Even if we didn’t have a real summer this year,  I am looking forward to everything that fall has to offer, starting with cool, foggy mornings.

So, this morning we walked past our tiny apple tree. It’s been with us about 10 years – Mike planted it and there it stands.  It has never grown even an inch and this year it doesn’t have leaves.  This maybe because of the tent worms, I am not sure.

the artsy apple tree

The artsy apple tree – doesn’t it look great?  I love it just the way it is.

The naked apple tree with one tiny, little apple

The naked apple tree with one tiny, little apple and see, there is a spider’s web there too


And just look at this convoluted design.
I kept making the web quiver but no spider appeared.


hornet nest

And then we discovered a hornet nest in the pine tree by cottage 1
We took this picture and then went inside for coffee and a doggy treat!

10 thoughts on “Resuming our morning walks

  1. It looks like the apple is caught in the spider’s web and the spider is gonna have a juicy crispy dinner! I am enjoying these late summer/autumn walks, too. Hope you and Bear enjoy your walks!

  2. The spider is probably HIBERNATING!!!!!

  3. Hot is right. I knew this would happen! Oh well, makes it nice for apple picking and cider mill visiting.

  4. Very artsy. By the way, I missed taste of Benzie, too!

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