7 thoughts on “Photos from Labor Day Weekend

  1. Heehee, we take pictures like that too. It takes us forever to stage them correctly, but they are fun to look at when they work out the way they should.

    They look like fun people!

  2. Many years ago, when we still lived in Germany and digital cameras weren’t even thought of, I tried to have Mike swallow a ferry boat. I got it almost right. Almost.

  3. Those are cool pictures! Love it!

  4. Oh, we’re famous!!!!
    I hope you’re getting lots of rest so you’re ready for “the big boy’s” next week!!

    • Heck yeah you’re famous. Those pictures are wonderful. Ivanka says she tries to take pictures like that, but she’s not good at it ..errrrr……no that’s not true, I lied about that. Maybe Ivanka can find and send some of hers. That would be fun to see 🙂

      Oh, and I am truly looking forward to having all the boys here, including the boy who has to bring a girl

  5. hey that’s awesome….how did u take such perfect shots? do you have SLR or the normal digital camera?

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