Regarding “Wicked”

The thing with the picture of the guest’s house worked like a charm.
Almost exactly like I hoped it would 🙂

Janice sent the picture of the house yesterday – just in time for me to print it and find a frame to put it in and to display it in cottage 6.  I found the perfect spot on the empty shelf above the stove.

Here I wrote a long story, which I promptly deemed “too long”
and therefore deleted it, leading up to this:

A few minutes after checking in, on their way out to dinner,
they stopped the car, came to the house, she gave me a great big hug
and thanked me for making them feel so
welcome and “right at home”.
Of course they were wondering how I got that picture.
After the story was told, they grinned from ear to ear.

They had so much fun with this story that they are planning
on stalking Janice now once they get home  :mrgreen:

I think you’ll like these people Janice

4 thoughts on “Regarding “Wicked”

  1. I am so glad they were pleased with the picture! Nice work you two. 🙂

    • Me too, very exciting.
      By the way looking at both Margot (or is that Margeaux?) and Janice, they look like they’re spending time at the same country club, hair salon, shop in the same stores – I can’t imagine that they haven’t met somewhere.

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Haha – tell her she has a ‘River Heights’ look – she’ll know what you mean – we all look the same in River Heights. Drive our same little Jettas, shop in The Bay, get our goodies at Baked Expectations. We like a Cult!

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