Good Morning Impatiens

I thought you should see how much care we take with some of the adornments around the Wayfarer.

It was really cold night before last.  When the weatherman calls for “overnight temps in the 40’s”, that means that there will be frost around here for sure.

So I grabbed 6 face towels ( I hope the laundry people don’t read here) and 6 stainless steel chopsticks and off I went to cover the impatiens on the front cottages so that they wouldn’t freeze.

sleeping beauties

sleeping beauties

There they are - covered and sleeping

There they are – covered and sleeping

Actually these pics were taken in the early morning, just before I uncovered them.

Then later that day, around dinner time, Mike and I decided to go into town and grab a bite at the Coho Cafe, before bringing home 2 pizzas for the boys.

Strange "yacht" on Betsie Bay

Strange looking  “yacht” on Betsie Bay

The vegetable portion of the dinner

The vegetable portion of my dinner, heehee

And after dinner, we drove west on Main Street towards the beach where we were greeted by this magnificent sunset

How about them apples?

How about them apples?


Frankfort Harbor at sunset

Frankfort Harbor at sunset with the lighthouse

I wish I could have gotten a better picture but it was too dark.  There were so many boats with their lights on on Lake Michigan, it was so pretty.  Almost like a parade.

The following pictures are from just a few minutes ago, when the fog rolled in across the bluff, I couldn’t resist taking these pictures:

fog in the backyard

fog in the backyard

fog in the backyard

good night all 🙂

8 thoughts on “Good Morning Impatiens

  1. That’s a beautiful picture of the sunset from Main Street! I got some great pictures of the sunset when we went on the Sleeping Bear Cruise. The sunsets out here aren’t very exciting……

    • I never had time to pay attention to the sunsets here before. Only what I can see out of my kitchen window. But this year I have had time to slip out and enjoy what all the guests get to see when they come here. Very beautiful.

  2. Overnight temps in the 40’s??????????????
    Holy crap, it’s only September 4th! We’re still above 100* – thank goodness!

  3. Grinning at your impatiens “freeze-proof” fix! You are way creative. Chopsticks and laundry towels… sounds like you were almost colder than we were! I also loved the vegetable portion of your dinner, ha ha. Also noticed the synchronicity of your “Betsie Bay”. I was near the town of “Betsy” on my recent driveabout… Didn’t know there were any Betsie/Betsy locales in Michigan!

    • Well you know, the first frosty night, I took the little beauties into one of the cottages to spend the night. What a mess! So, I thought this would work and it did – somewhat.
      On OUR property we’ve had killing frosts until July 9th one year. Killed the entire crop of corn, tomatoes – everything.
      Yes, yes the Betsie actually comes from the French “aux-Bec Scies” or something like that. If that’s wrong, please someone correct me.

      Oh and the vegetables, I love vegetables, heehee

  4. How nice for you and Mike to get away like that. I have some beautiful pictures of the sunsets we were lucky enough to see while we visited. They were spectacular. ( the sunsets, not my pictures, heeehee)

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