The Innkeeper’s Children – Chapter 2

I learned something today…

So it’s back to school a week from tomorrow and I have been trying to get new clothes for TheBoyzz but it is like pulling teeth.  Especially with Marc.

If he could, he would wear the sloppiest jeans, stained from paintball jeans, torn on the bottom from walking on them jeans.  He likes his pants to be loose and his t-shirts to be tight but they can only have sleeves of this length and that.  They have to be pretty fitted in the waist, something that is tough to find.  He will not wear anything but blue jeans. Khakis or dress pants? forgetaboutit.

I went to elementary school today to deliver some backpacks and told some of the teachers, that I found loitering (heehee, I crack myself up)  in the hallways, about my dilemma.

Here’s what I’ve learned: Where it is cool for girls to have shiny, new clothes, shoes and what-nots, it is not cool for boys to have shiny and new things.  I was also told that I should have gone clothes shopping at the beginning of summer and let the boys wear the clothes to make them dull and uninteresting 😉

I have no manual for these things, heck I had to have my husband show me how to change diapers for goodness sakes.  I guess we’re not going to spend much money on back to school anything.  One suggestion was to dress them with clothing from Goodwill      😯

I am sure they were making fun of me


11 thoughts on “The Innkeeper’s Children – Chapter 2

  1. Just wait-the clothes they have now is perfect-broken in.

    • oh goodie, then we don’t have to worry about wearing them out ourselves. Reminds me of the fashions from the late 70’s and 80’s where they used to take jeans into the dunes in California and shot them with buck shot to make them look more acceptable, hehe

  2. The one thing about children that I have learned is, that, if you think you have them figured out, you are dead wrong. hehehe

  3. Actually the Goodwill idea’s not a bad one! And think of the money you’ll save. ;o)

    p.s. Welcome to the SITS community!

  4. Come on down and visit Aunt Row. I have a great many resale stores for the boys. Just put them on the bus and we will have a blast !!!

  5. Mike "The Maintenance Guy

    I would love for them to visit Aunt Row!!, she can buy them used clothes, and FEED THEM FOR A WHILE!!! Is there bus service between here and Ann Arbor?

  6. Having all girls, I guess I’ll always be dealing w/the new clothes & all that jazz. I think I’d rather be able to get stuff from Goodwill or let them be grubbier & that they’d be happy with that! Gotta love the differences in girls & boys! Stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the SITSahood! Enjoy your day.

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