Gloomy, rainy Saturday

Grrrrrr… has been one gloomy and wet Saturday.  Yes, it was a gloomy Friday too and Thursday but not quite as bad as today. Today, like last night, it is raining hard.
I LOVE this kind of weather only not in August.  I really am looking forward to this kind of weather after a really perfect summer.  It is fun to dress warm and go outside for a good long time and then come back in for some hot toddy.
This definitely feels like October weather to me.

Norma from the R & R Motel called me to let me know that she has had 3 rooms cancelled because their fishing charters  were cancelled due to high waves on Lake Michigan.

So the economy is bad, we get people to make reservations
(the pure Michigan campaign is working) and spend
time in this area and then the


actually predicts the correct weather?

So I went out there and gave all those stranded fishermen and women in my cottages cards to play with.  I think they’re having a good time, dealing cards and telling fish stories from long ago.

6 thoughts on “Gloomy, rainy Saturday

  1. That was exactly what I was saying while I was home! I felt like we should have gone trick or treating!!

  2. Oh yes, fall is in the air, I can’t believe it. Usually I love fall, but, since we didn’t have a summer, I am bitter about having fall arrive so soon. 😦

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