Thursday Night Lights

Weeeehoooo, we had fun last night!  The first football game of the season

Frankfort Panthers


Hale Eagles

Sechsunddreisig zu zwoelf
(writing the result in German to keep you guessing heehee) The last picture will tell if I got it right, heehee.

This was an exciting game for me, not that I am THAT interested in football, I  cant’ see as fast as they play.  I think I know what’s going on and I cheer and people look at me like I have grown a third eye.  “Oh no”, I must have cheered for something the other team did well – again.
It was fun to see my fellow parents in the stands, catching up with what we’ve all had going on during the summer.

Of course I love to see the kids play their favorite game.  Funny to think back when they started 7 years ago, all of them so small that the helmets made them all look like bobble heads. Their little legs could hardly keep them upright. Where ever that helmet wanted to go, that’s where they went.

Marc isn’t playing this year, he’s had a bad knee injury which put him on the sidelines for the last half of last season.  I think coming to the game yesterday made him think about that decision. He may just join that team after all. We’ll see what he decides.

Without further ado here are the pics

Stephanie not knowing that she'll be on the blog, heehee

Stephanie not knowing that she’ll be on the blog, heehee

the new score board

The new score board



while all that football playing was going on, there was also a pretty sky

while all that football playing was going on, there was also a pretty sky

and in front of me were Melina and Dave ( of computer wizzard fame)

and in front of me were Melina and Dave ( of computer wizard fame)

looking good

looking good – the score, not the picture of course

and better

and better

Well done!

Well done!

36 to 12

Let’s hope for a good season. Last year we made it all the way up to the Yuper Dome. I wanna go there again.  We had fun in where ever that was 🙂

12 thoughts on “Thursday Night Lights

  1. Iris, Good to see the kids get off to a great start. Your scoreboard shots are a little hard on
    the eyes. I had to shoot some games
    last night myself for T.V-5
    Have fun Don

    • Ummmm Don…I have this tiny camera, sitting on the bench with cheering adults, jumping up and down. I could not hold that camera still enough for anything. But you can tell what the result is though, can’t you?

  2. Hooray! First win of the season, and a snazzy new scoreboard too. 🙂

    Did Marc change his mind? Is he going to play this year?

    • I don’t know he says he’s working on a solution. I am no longer involved in his life because I am too nosey and “always say the wrong things at the wrong time” So, maybe you want to call him at 1.800.what have you decided?

      I am a little bitter at the moment 😦

    • Ivanka, do you get that channel 5 in Clarkston? Don does a lot of reporting of highschool sports for them.

  3. Channel 5 yes, but I don’t know about any sports on that channel. Do you know the affiliate?

  4. Thanks for stopping by from SITS! Happy Saturday Sharefest! So fun that you have lots of flea market finds. I’ve been really inspired by the furniture transformations on this blog:

    The Wayfarer looks so very quaint!

  5. WOW!!! This is a really cool sight! You do a great job and just simply crack me up!

  6. Hey, Ivanka I don’t think our signal reaches that far, but if it does our station is WNEM TV-5
    It cover Saginaw, Flint, Bay City & Midland.
    Thanks Iris
    P.S. As big as that boy is, he better be playing
    football. Don

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