What are you all reading?

Right now, I am reading
The Guernsey Literary and Potaoe Peel Pie Society

Love that book…

I read it on my Kindle™
I am sure just about everyone has heard of the Kindle.  I love that thing. I bought it for Mike’s birthday this year, because he could read
all sorts of  newspapers, magazines and thousands of books.
The newest books, if I want to pay $ 9.95 for one, which I frequently do.
I can order books from my kindle while I am reading or I can buy them through my computer. It takes only minutes to get any given book.  I should be a saleswoman for the kindle. I love that thing.

I use it because Mike never took to it.

the kindle in it's cover

the kindle in it’s cover

look how thin it is

look how thin it is


with reading lamp

with reading lamp

11 thoughts on “What are you all reading?

  1. Yes you should the official spokesperson. I am going to go look for the book you mentioned today. And, in answer to your question, I just started reading Merle’s Door.

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Hope you are enjoying the Guernsey …..Society! One of those special books. I’m asking for a Kindle for my birthday this year! At the moment I am bookless! This is a shocking occurance!

  3. You’ve peeked my interest. I just don’t know if I could get used to reading a screen. Plus I’d miss that great book smell!

    …stopping by from SITS…

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


  4. OMG My husband has a Kindle and LOVES it. He’s always reading something on it and has so many subscriptions to all sorts of newspapers and magazines.

    Steph the screen is so awesome. I said the same things, but it’s nothing like a computer screen and never seems to hurt your eyes. It’s so much different, almost like a newspaper but on a cool handheld “book”.

    • It is difficult to explain but I really enjoy reading the kindle more than actuall books made of paper. I only have books on there, once I subscribed to a blog but cancelled that quickly.
      I have found that I read more now.

  5. Well, I’m glad you enjoy your Kindle- as for me-I’d rather spend the money on fishing. What can I say-I love to eat salmon in January, February, March, April, May, June, July and Viola!!!! I’m soooo easy! Can’t wait to fish for salmon on the Nibble’s Charter. (just a little plug for Wes Newberry)

    • You and Janice – salmon freaks.

      Ok, but since the kindle costs less than a half day charter, I say I made a good choice, heh!

      Hello Wes Newberry, make sure you get Cindy and Dave their fish!!!!

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