The Innkeeper’s Children

~~~Once upon a time there were~~~


Marc on the left, Tyler (a.k.a. George W.)  on the right

They were the sweetest things under the sun until
they grew up to be 15.

What happened?

How lucky were we to be able to stay home and watch them grow?

But still, somewhere something went terribly wrong.

They grew up to be spoiled   😯
Yes, I admit it I enjoy doing everything for them and now, apparently,  it’s payback time.

After running around all morning, my cellphone rang.
I looked to see who was calling me –
George Washington.
“Ah yes, a very important call!” I told myself…

I am sitting about 40 feet away from him.
I on the computer in my messy office and he in the hammock across the driveway, right there by the sandbox, outside my kitchen window.
He’s asking me to bring him his “shades” and a pillow for his head.

I took a purple pillow to him and he placed his beautiful
although swelled head on it.

What is the moral of that story?

Of course, please know that when I ask them to do something, I get lucky sometimes and things get done   😉



21 thoughts on “The Innkeeper’s Children

  1. Hehehe, I love that picture, they are still very cute and sweet, they’re just teenagers and there is nothing you can do about that now!

  2. Janice Gravelines

    An excellent lesson for us all – however, for most of us it is too late. I am, at this moment, although I am moving in a week and am surrounded by chaos – babysitting my daughter’s cat – because she feels he needs to “socialize”. I am also washing my other daughter’s uniform for work – because – of course – “she forgot”. This was the child who indicated yesterday that I probably have symptoms of Alzheimers Disease. Those dear little boys – how lucky to they are to have such a loving mama.

  3. ha ha… your doctored picture gave me a much needed laugh.

  4. Laugh out loud adorable.

  5. Iris,
    OMGosh, I remember those days. My two sweet little boys turned into teenage monsters as well. Never fear, the years will pass and you will be important to them again.

    In the meantime…try to have fun.


  6. My two “boys” are now 37 and 32. When they were 15, they drove me straight up the wall and caused every gray hair I have in my head (that I have to dye every six weeks). Now I find them to be the most amazing two young men in the world. This too shall pass, Iris. Enjoy them!

  7. You should start training them now for their future wives. I know from experience that they require ALOT of training!
    I am still training………………………………………..

  8. after I was married for awhile I was complaining to my mother in law how spoiled her son was and her answer was you didn’t need to take over where I left off. That was Mikes dad

  9. Oh it’s so easy to spoil them. Sending mine to boarding school only made it worse when he got home. OK now that he is heading to college I’m sure I. will. let. go. Right?

  10. This is so funny!! I remember those teenage days…oh my…double oh my…so glad that mine are now 23 and 27. It’s almost…ALMOST…kind of funny looking back at those years. You’ll laugh some day. 🙂

  11. 4YI: The latest generation of 18 year olds to enter college are sometimes called SNOWFLAKES. Each one is unique and precious…and none can take the heat. I was watching Jeopardy! recently and one of the participants was a dean of students. Alex asked him the toughest part of the job and the fellow said that these days when he has a kid on the carpet for bad behavior the student just shrugs, hands his cell phone over and says, “Deal with my mom.”

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