Benzie Fishing Frenzy 2009

Phew, this was the weekend from H-E-double hockey sticks as far as the weather was concerned.  Here at the Wayfarer we had all the cottages filled with wedding guest and had only 2 cottages full of fishermen who couldn’t go out on the water and partake in the tournament. Other places like LuAnn’s BayPort Lodging or the R & R Motel had so many of the guys check out and leave town, they actually turned some rooms over 3 times this weekend.  Oh the stress.  Yesterday, the Ladies part of the tournament was scrapped due to 6 foot swells.

I went for a ride into Frankfort, around 9 o’clock this morning, to see what was going on and wow, there were so many boats not in the water but in the parking lot by the launch.  Fishermen pacing back and forth, talking with each other – I felt bad.   I have to ask Mike  if they get their entry fees back if the weather stops them from holding the event.

I took pictures of what I saw all over town.  Oh and I should not forget to tell you that I went to the bakery and got doughnuts for the men and more of their scrumptious rustic bread.

Frankfort boat launch

Frankfort boat launch

Swans in Betsie Bay

Swans in Betsie Bay

There is Kim, she makes sure that all goes well down at the launch

There is Kim, she makes sure that all goes well down at the launch

not exactly fishing boats...

not exactly fishing boats…

Miranda Music where Tyler is taking all his hard earned money and he is learing to play the guitar from Bogar.

Miranda Music where Tyler is taking all his money to buy guitars and where he is learing to play the guitar from Bogar.

Bogar is from Bogota, Colombia – a former member of the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra. He plays every instrument under the sun and he is so pationate about his music.

Miranda's is hopping

Miranda’s is hopping –  that’s Bogar back there with the curly hair

left: Crescent Bakery; right: Frankfort Deli

left –  Crescent Bakery; right – Frankfort Deli

The Frankfort Deli is painted so beautifully.  The owner was in the midst of painting this building when the movie was filmed in the bakery.  The movie people wanted the building back in it’s original condition and color, so they paid to have it painted blue-grey again until filmimg was done.  Later it turned orange again.  I love the way it looks, don’t you?

11 thoughts on “Benzie Fishing Frenzy 2009

  1. It’s SO beautiful there. I’m envious! I’ll be eating Pillsbury sweet rolls in our suburban house with no view whatsoever! So a Ray Liotta movie was filmed there? I’ll be watching for it!

  2. Oh no, poor fishermen! 😦 I know my boys were a bit disappointed about missing the frenzy, I think maybe this news will make missing it a little bit easier to swallow.

    I do love the way the deli is painted. I could also have very easily spent all my time sitting on the beach, just walking along the beaches, and wading in the water. It truly is like a piece of heaven on earth.

  3. Sorry about the fishermen, too. So who is Tyler? Son, husband…? My hubby learned to play bass guitar at a music store in Houghton twenty years ago and now actually plays in a band. Tell Tyler he probably will someday, too.

  4. Janice Gravelines

    Those buildings are so charming! The weather this year has been so crazy – poor fishermen, but lucky fish.

  5. Whew! I got out of there in the nick of time! As it was I had to circle for an hour on the AZ/NM border due to a monsoon taking place here. The difference is that our monsoon rain is WARM. 🙂

  6. I just wanted to tell you that I have shamelessly stolen (STOLEN!) your picture of the music shop so I can email it to my daughter. I’m sure she’ll be delighted with the name of the place, and that she’d probably show up to stake a claim the next time she happens to be in MI. ;p

    • Oh the shamelessness of it all. I hope Miranda likes the picture. I’ll have to take a picture of the little girl that the store is named after. She is the cutest little pixie. You can see her a little bit next to her mom in one of the pics above.

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