Dinner Al Fresco

Ok so you all know that Ivanka shlepped her family up north to stay with us for a few days.  One night we managed to get together and have a light dinner
out in back of Ivanka’s cottage.

Like I have told you a few days ago, my camera was out of juice that night  so  Ivanka was in charge of taking pictures of our dinner together.

Silly me, I should have known that she would try and get pictures with me in them.   But worry not, there is one picture that is perfect to show off:


In the background you see the famous

and now much bigger

giggle trees

Yes, I know this doesn’t look like dinner, it looks more like snacking around the world or something in that direction.  At first I had made up this menu of salmon patties with a remoulade,  Yukon gold potatoes, and  a fresh salad.

When I thought about it later in the day, I suddenly didn’t feel like slaving over a hot stove after working all day so we just threw together … ahem,
we decided to go casual and empty the fridge.
There were salmon patties after all and that sauce remoulade but no potatoes.  A big hunk of cheese, Ivanka’s home grown tomatoes
and a home made apple pie that a guest had dropped off.
Wine, sangria and sodas all made with cherries. All of that and some rustic
breads from Crescent Bakery in Frankfort

Before dinner, Ivanka and I tried to make that drink that our bachelor Joe
had mixed for us the night before.  We couldn’t replicate it
so I texted Joe for the recipe, heehee.
It is nice to have connections     :mrgreen:

Live at the Wayfarer!

10 thoughts on “Dinner Al Fresco

  1. Loved reading about the giggle trees and Bachelor Joe and your picnic. It’s cool how you could “throw together” a meal on such short notice. You get the award of the day…I sometimes have nightmares of trying to feed people with no food anyone will like.

    • Think of it this way, if no one likes what you’re serving, so much more for you to munch on.

      I have always fared better putting things on in this way. When I actually cook, I’ll mess up something for sure and that’s really not good

  2. as a pacific nw foodie, that post just made me hungry!

    happy SITS Sharefest Saturday!

  3. Thanks for your visit – and I’m happy to see your neat blog. What a beautiful spot you have, and I life full of adventures, indeed! Re Betsy’s comment on caterpillars and winter, I think she must be referring to “wooly bear” – remember them? Black on both ends and red in the middle. They actually turn into a rather pretty moth, the Isabella, which I always remember because of the little town in the UP near where I spent summers as a kid. Cheers, Deb

  4. Oh my goodness, the salmon was excellent, and I think I ate whole loaf of bread myself! Yummm, and good company to boot. 🙂

  5. Janice Gravelines

    Send me the salmon patties recipe please. You all look so sophisticated eating al fresco.

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