Paper Towel Mystery

Sniff-sniff and ROFL!
Ivanka (my Disney buddy) and her family just left a couple of hours ago after spending the last 3 days here. That is the “sniff-sniff” part.

She told me that they had left me a surprise and to go into the cabin before my little helper goes in.   Oooookaaay…heehee. That’s the “ROFL” part.

Paper towel tower

Paper towel tower

So then, I put them all in this chair to rest there while I do something else and until I have time to put them away…


Meanwhile I took them over to the garage, 3 by 3 and for some reason I never made it back to get the last 3 rolls.



The new guests arrived, moved in and by the time I got back to pick up the remaining paper towels, they had disappeared.  I am sure they are inside the cottage from whence they came…


Now, my only chance of getting them back is to hold the sheets for the futon hostage

My sheets for “your” paper towels!


And there you have it, another episode in the exciting
life of an innkeeper

22 thoughts on “Paper Towel Mystery

  1. Janice Gravelines

    The drama never ends at the Wayfarer! At least it wasn’t toilet paper. Hope you and Ivanka had a good time and stayed out of trouble!

    • We had a good time and a great dinner in Ivanka’s backyard. My camera was out of juice, so we took some pics with her camera. I am waiting for her to email them to me. It was fun talking with her boys, hehe. That little one is something else 🙂

      • I love this fun living through your experiences! You are a delight and the pix of you and hubby is just wonderful. Don’t be so critical of yourself, no one else is. I will have Jim send a “key” pix via your email. Am anxious to return! Blessings to all…Pam

  2. Hehe….It was her own little towel animal for you:) Not sure what animal though!!!

  3. Hee,hee yes, the tower of terror! 🙂

    I wanted to bring a goose or a duck, but there were none to be found.

    I am glad I didn’t bring a skunk though. 😉

    We had such a fun time, I wish we could have stayed longer. Next summer, for sure!!

  4. Did Ivanka think you needed paper towels or was there an interesting story about paper towels you haven’t told us?

  5. Now I REALLY want to know the paper towel story! 🙂

  6. Ok Ivanka…tell all….

  7. Ok it all started when I inquired about staying at the Wayfarer, and Iris kindly forwarded me her website and various other information. After some back and forth emails, she informed me that she did not supply paper towels. For some reason, I found this very silly, and began to pester her about it. So, it kind of became a joke between the two of us. Not a very entertaining story, but there you have it.

    I bet you were expecting a story about cleaning up some kind of horrific mess or something, weren’t you?? :)))

  8. A BYOPT resort…interesting. Do you have to bring your own TP? 🙂 I think you’re way ahead in the paper towel department now Ivanka!

  9. Hehe, yes, its my own personal account! I should be covered for years to come!

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