Vroom Vroom

Remember the boy who helped us clean up the yard in the early spring? Dylan is his name.   He spends a lot of time here, hence his father Eric picks him up a lot 😉
The other day,  another pick-up…

Here I was preparing dinner, slicing up some onion and bacon from the Honor Family Market, yumm, when suddenly this unbelievable roar got louder and louder and finally stopped in front of my kitchen window.  There it was, this yellow and black thing.  Gorgeous and shiny.
How come I had never seen it before?  Would it not be driven every day, should it not be driven every day – weather permitting?
I know that if I had this car in my garage, it would be going some place EVERY DAY 🙂







vroom, vroom…

Everybody –  have a nice day.
Enjoy driving your clunkers.

Yes I know, I have the clunkiest clunker
of them all.

2 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom

  1. I’ve enjoyed your sense of humor throughout but for some reason this and the previous posts really cracked me up 🙂

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