My favorite flower box

The flowerbox by cottage 9

The flower box by cottage 9
I don’t know why it looks so much better than any of the others this year.

As I sit here writing this post, I can’t remember if I have already talked about my favorite flower box this summer.   This flower box turned out so great, I took a number of pictures so that, next year, I would not forget how pretty it looked and what all was in it that made it look so pretty.

No box ever looks the same as another. That is because I can’t stop myself from buying everything I see.  I buy one or two of everything and then stick that into the boxes.  Maybe it is because Sharon, who currently occupies this cottage with her husband Tom, takes such good care of the flowers. For the last 10 days she’s been doting on those pretty things.  I wish other guests would do the same and feel a little more hands-on.

Often I can’t go and water flower boxes because when I finally have time to do it, the guests are home and I don’t want to bother them or for them to think that I am there to snoop.

One year I planted all herbs and edible flowers in all of the boxes. That was wonderful too and a lot less expensive than flowers. I might do that again next season and maybe I should leave little reminders in the boxes for people to pick what they need for their dinner that night.

the left side of the box with fish :)
the left side of the box with fish 🙂
The right side of the flower box

The right side of the flower box

The stroller

The stroller

2 thoughts on “My favorite flower box

  1. Love the flowers Iris! They are so pretty and the colors are great!

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