I thank the Academy

I have been given the MeMe blog award



Thank you so much!
Is there a button?

In order to accept the award one must reveal seven things about oneself and then pass along the award to seven other bloggers.

This is somewhat difficult for me since I don’t have much time to read many different blogs. I think the only ones I read are Centria’s, Bree’s Mackinaw Island blog (she was awarded the MeMe as well), I read the Pioneer Woman’s blog – she doesn’t need our award, heehee.  And I read a couple of high profile cooking blogs.  You can see my predicament.

Maybe I should start by revealing the 7 things :

1. I am older than I feel.

2. My passport expired in 2001.

3. I love Peonies

4. Mike and I were married twice

5. I am not an American citizen *yet*

6. We had dinner at the Coho Cafe tonight

7. I am 5’1 short

The 1. award goes to Megan at  The Best Things Come in Twos
We’ve known each other from www.mousebuzz.com and we have twin boys in common.

2.  Those Artsy Bowman Girls Carol and Julie have long been friends of mine and I just love their art.  Such talented women…love their blog.

3. Tales from an oc cottage because I feel this is me in a former, glittery life, filled with a strange knick-knacks collection.  It is like watching myself at 23.

I am sorry, that’s all I got.  Can I add 4 more at a later date – say in the winter when I actually have time?

3 thoughts on “I thank the Academy

  1. Janice Gravelines

    Sorry – I can’t get passed your passport expiring in 2001!!! Get that thing renewed and go visit Germany!

  2. Oh good! You played. 🙂 Isn’t it kinda hard coming up with things to say about yourself? I mean we do so much babbling on these blogs, you would think we could easily blog seven additional things. But it’s hard. Will check out your blogs!

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