These two guys…

…with their dog showed up looking for a room for the weekend.  All I had was the cottage that Leonard didn’t need last night and I had agreed to try and rent it for him.  Nothing for the weekend in the entire town!  This is busy season, people. How come downstate and out of state travel agents still keep telling their clients that “there’s nothing going on, it’s Michigan”?   😯 The guys took the room and this morning, as we happen to walk  our dogs together through the meadow,  Stan gave me his business card, ” in case there is an opening…”

The business card

Of course I was nosey and asked what kind of business is “Compelling Storytelling for Broadcast and Multimedia” ?  Turns out those two are producers of home improvement shows for  DIY.

One show is called “desperate landscaping”  the other one has something to do with $ 10.000 make-overs, I can’t remember the title.  So I said that we don’t get the DIY channel here and that those shows never come to our parts of the country and they said “Not so, we’re working at homes in the mid-west”.   They also said for me to get on the list. Now does that mean that they think  the house or garden really need work or are they just saying “get on the list”  because they want to come back here? , heehee.

I am thinking, thinking, thinking.

8 thoughts on “These two guys…

  1. Desperate Landscapes is a good show, I love to see what they transform all these blah yards. Always good for new ideas, too.

    As for telling you to get on the list, just do it! Don’t question why. Although the dead peach tree might be why they suggested it….


  2. Ok, I’ll try and find the list. I know that I need help 😦

  3. Mike "The Maintenance Guy

    Hey! – that’s not a “dead peach tree” – it’s a very interesting bird house display device……… Let’s think “outside the box” here….

  4. Kim of the Chamber

    I’ve got a landscape that needs a DESPERATE MAKEOVER!!!!

  5. Oh how funny. Look what an exciting life you lead. By the way, I gave you an award…tee hee…trying to send more people over to your blog!

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