I have nothing new to report about anything other than that I have been spending too much time at Mary’s Paints, buying every quart of Cabbot Deck Stain she had and a gallon of primer for things that Mike has built that need painting.

I am not sure where all these Adirondack chairs are coming from, but they seem to have multiplied.  The staining process is crawling along what with the intermittent rain we’ve been getting, I stain for 5 minutes, it rains for 5 minutes. By the end of next year we might have all the chairs stained.

Did I tell you that Cindy is getting married?  She met this nice man that she’d known for a long time (they work together) and shwuups-di-wuupps,  they are engaged. The wedding will be in mid October on her farm.   A real country hoedown.  What fun. I can’t wait but I also have the feeling that I am looking for a new person to help me out here at the house.  That will not be an easy thing. Cindy once promised to stay with me until we are both in our 80’s, it ain’t gonna happen.

Cindy showing off the ring

Cindy showing off the ring

the ring

the ring

Since I took this picture things in the ring department have changed. This ring here will be the wedding band because HE has found another much bigger ring wich will be the engagement ring. He treats her right 🙂

8 thoughts on “Nothing!

  1. Wow, an even bigger ring? Something tells me I should have held out longer…

    Congrats to Cindy though. 🙂

    Hmm, about the staining, that’s why those plastic ones are so popular…

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Um – a bigger ring? Cindy knows how to pick ’em. If she doesn’t want that one – I’ll take it. Congratulations Cindy and please don’t leave Iris – we’ll have to put up with her whining if you do.

    • Yup, a bigger ring. The one in the picture is going to be the wedding band. Lucky girl that Cindy 🙂

      Oh and thanks for the plea to Cindy. I will pass it along so that she KNOWS how you will suffer

  3. This is a random question, but I was wondering how we get those little aliens that appear next to our names on your blog…

    • Since you didn’t choose an avatar when you signed on here, these are what I chose. You could all have that generic

      Mystery Man = faceless person
      Gravatar Logo – the letter ‘G’
      Identicon (Generated) which is a nice little lace tile
      Wavatar (Generated) a randomly generated monster face
      MonsterID (Generated) the one I chose

  4. Janice Gravelines

    Yes – I can’t help but notice that I am a crab…I could take that in several ways…

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