Yikes we have some ugly apples.   Have you ever seen anything like it?



The deer love eating them in the fall and that’s great.  That way they don’t eat anything else that we actually care about.

Today I saw a couple of bunnies on the front lawn, they too are happy with what we provide for them in the way of lawn, etc.  They never munch on our flowers and plants 🙂  Taking pictures of bunnies is not so easy, they scare easily and won’t let me get close.  Maybe I am too clumsy, heehee.
Anyway, just imagine 2 bunnies sitting here:

can you see the bunnies?

can you see the bunnies?

of course you can’t see them, they ran away before I got them.

The only other wild life I can think of right now are the two turkeys, hens, that, last year,  always looked in on Rusty and Beth in cottage 6.  Whenever they smelled bacon cooking they came running, stood in front of their screendoor and waited hopeful for a piece of it.  I don’t think Rusty and Beth were into sharing the goodies though.  The turkeys haven’t been back this year.

Oh wait, this wasn’t a post about wildlife, it was about ugly apples.




no apples at all, heehee

Happy Friday everyone

4 thoughts on “Blech!

  1. Blech. No apples and no peaches here this year. 😦

    And I can not see the bunnies.

    • You were suppose to imagine the bunnies somewhere on that lawn. They won’t let me get close enough to take pictures of them 😉

      You’ll get peaches, apricots, plums and other stuff here next week, Pippi. Make sure there’s enough room in the uber-van

  2. Wow, those ARE ugly apples. I squinted hard but couldn’t see the bunnies, either. I can imagine how hard that would be to actually capture their images in the camera. All wildlife is hard. People should appreciate a good wild animal picture more. Don’t you think?

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