My small collection…

…of Greg Jaris treasures

my first Christmas tree topper

my first Christmas tree topper – trick bird

Spaceship Christmas tree topper

trick Spaceship  Christmas tree topper

As you can see, I have my Christmas tree toppers out all year.

Since they don’t look “christmassy” it’s alright.

I consider them my treasures.

They are among the things I like to see – often.

the third Christmas tree topper

The third Christmas tree topper – my trick dog, yay!

But my most favorite thing is my “pensive dog”

Mike bought him for me after a particularly long and busy season

I think it say "lady killer" more than "pensive" but what do I know? He looks like a snob, heehee

I think it says “lady killer” more than “pensive”

But what do I know?

He looks like a snob, heehee

“pensive dog”

Pensive dog moved in with us 7 years ago.

I named him:

Randolph H. Fortesque, Esq.


my new windchime, cool, huh?

my new windchime, cool, huh?



6 thoughts on “My small collection…

  1. Oh wow, I would leave them out all year too. I absolutely love the trick dog topper, but, of course you knew I would. 🙂

  2. love the tree toppers. They are more like art than anything. I agree pensive dog looks a bit like a snobish hot to trot but he’s very cool and you made a good choice.

    Wind chimes are great. I love them.

    Take care.

  3. I was going to pop back to yesterday’s cherry thread and say something about maraschinos, but I got all distractedededed by the staggeringly cool Greg Jaris art.

    The toppers are wonderful, and if Fortesque, Esq. (ha!) were available as a poster, I’d snap up a copy in a second.

    Does the gallery have a website, Iris?

    • Hi Kem, I didn’t see your message until just now.
      I have a link to the trick dog site in the first post and forgot to do the same here.

      Here it is again:

      do you guys want me to shoot more pictures with more detail? I think I might be allowed to do that. Linda says that last year someone stole one of the images and used it for a greeting card and this year someone took an image and used it for something else. Stinks, doesn’t it?

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