The birdhouse in the peachtree


This is one of the birdhouses that are hanging in the dead Elberta peach tree behind cottage 7.   Sarah and Rob and their two cute kids stayed there a few weeks ago and Rob took this picture for me.  I am having it framed.

The original idea was to hang all the birdhouses that Dorothy, my mother in law, thinks I collect (heehee) on that tree sort of as an art piece.  A sculpture if you will.  That is why there are cherries hanging in the peach tree as well.
Very artsy fartsy, don’t you think?
I never expected any birds building their nests in these but some did.  The first ones to be occupied were the two boots that are in the tree, the next ones were the little birch bark houses.  I don’t have pictures of them, I think they were swept away by the winds.

6 thoughts on “The birdhouse in the peachtree

  1. Puts a smile on face this morning! 🙂

  2. And that makes me happy to hear.
    Are you packing yet?

  3. My Mom has a pine tree in her back yard filled with birdhouses! She started it several years ago and keeps bringing more home for my Dad to put up. I think at this point they are maxed out height wise. I don’t think he has a ladder high enough to keep adding to the tree!!! Maybe they need to start a new tree…. 🙂

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