We have some interesting skies here in Michigan.  I wish I knew how to take GOOD pictures of the sky.

This morning as I was messing around with my vacancy/no vacancy sign for the umpteenth time, I saw this:

the sky across Sis' field

the sky across Sis’ field




Although it looked pretty dark and scary for a few minutes, the clouds went away and the sky is now a brilliant, lazy blue.
It rained hard last night. That’s how we like it. It is perfect for sleeping and in the morning everything has a fresh, clean new face and the guests can go and enjoy the beach or the dunes or the shops or, or, or…  🙂

And this evening this is what I saw in the north western sky


Oh look there’s a light on in cottage 7’s kitchen 😉


Looks like there may be vegetables this summer after all 🙂

squash blossom :)squash blossom :)

What are those little specs on there? I hope not little critters that will destroy my harvest.

my chicken, yay!

My chicken, yay!

And after looking at all those goodies, Bear and I took an afternoon stroll around the back-forty.  There were a bunch of Monarch butterflies out there flitting around but they would not sit still long enough for me to train my camera on them.  So once again there are a lot of pictures of flowers and a Bear and not much else.  The meadow is really coming alive now.  See for yourself

Black Eye Susans everywhere.

Black Eye Susans everywhere.

artsy-fartsy shot :)artsy-fartsy shot :)

thistle, thistle, thistle...not easy to say for this foreigner

thistle, thistle, thistle…not easy to say for this foreigner

the house

I love the weeds growing under my kitchen window. The look very delibarate, I think.

And now some pics of Bear


Bear :)

Bear 🙂

Arcadia Daze

This weekend, the famous Arcadia Daze will take place.
Where ?   Ummmm…in Arcadia 😛
You remember, I wrote about Arcadia down on M-22  in my early blogger days in May.

Arcadia Daze brings visitors from far and wide and much like during the Frankfort Art Fair, people are scrambling to get a room.  Why I don’t raise my prices for special days is a good question.  Everyone else does it.  Anyway, I am always amazed how prospective guests call and quiz me about the prices and ammenities and then they are asking about a specific cottage, all the while I am thinking, “it doesn’t really matter how much the room rents for or what it looks like, you cannot rent ANY room for ANY money this weekend at the Wayfarer”.

I have a big turnover tomorrow and I bet the phone will not stop ringing because hundreds that wanted to participate in Arcadia Daze cannot find a room.
Here is a link to some photos of Arcadia Daze gone by and of the Scottville Clown Band,  just looking at these photos makes me snort my martini – they are a hoot and well worth the trip down to Manistee County!

So remember for next year and try and be here for the fun