Looks like there may be vegetables this summer after all 🙂

squash blossom :)squash blossom 🙂

What are those little specs on there? I hope not little critters that will destroy my harvest.

my chicken, yay!

My chicken, yay!

And after looking at all those goodies, Bear and I took an afternoon stroll around the back-forty.  There were a bunch of Monarch butterflies out there flitting around but they would not sit still long enough for me to train my camera on them.  So once again there are a lot of pictures of flowers and a Bear and not much else.  The meadow is really coming alive now.  See for yourself

Black Eye Susans everywhere.

Black Eye Susans everywhere.

artsy-fartsy shot :)artsy-fartsy shot 🙂

thistle, thistle, thistle...not easy to say for this foreigner

thistle, thistle, thistle…not easy to say for this foreigner

the house

I love the weeds growing under my kitchen window. The look very delibarate, I think.

And now some pics of Bear


Bear :)

Bear 🙂

Arcadia Daze

This weekend, the famous Arcadia Daze will take place.
Where ?   Ummmm…in Arcadia 😛
You remember, I wrote about Arcadia down on M-22  in my early blogger days in May.

Arcadia Daze brings visitors from far and wide and much like during the Frankfort Art Fair, people are scrambling to get a room.  Why I don’t raise my prices for special days is a good question.  Everyone else does it.  Anyway, I am always amazed how prospective guests call and quiz me about the prices and ammenities and then they are asking about a specific cottage, all the while I am thinking, “it doesn’t really matter how much the room rents for or what it looks like, you cannot rent ANY room for ANY money this weekend at the Wayfarer”.

I have a big turnover tomorrow and I bet the phone will not stop ringing because hundreds that wanted to participate in Arcadia Daze cannot find a room.
Here is a link to some photos of Arcadia Daze gone by and of the Scottville Clown Band,  just looking at these photos makes me snort my martini – they are a hoot and well worth the trip down to Manistee County!

So remember for next year and try and be here for the fun

New guests that fit like a glove

Funny how some guests just come in and are part of it all – immediately.

Yesterday Douglas David – painter, arrived for his 3 night stay and he was right at home.  We had drinks on the front porch the day he arrived and today we had drinks in his backyard.   We all needed a drink, I guess 8)

He spends quite a bit of time in this area so I am sure we will see him again.   Some of his works can be seen at Betsie Bay Furniture on Main Street in Frankfort and I think some of his paintings are at a gallery in Glen Arbor and some are at MacBeth in Onekama.  He has a calendar of events on his website so check it out!

Now don’t everybody go on thinking that all we do here is drink, I know it’s easy to believe with all of my cocktail posts

Cindy Larson’s House

Woaw…I went into town to take Marc to the Dentist for his usual 6 month thing and right next to the red barn with the horses on M-22 in Frankfort, there’s Cindy Larson’s house – The old one and the new one.

Cindy is married to “Benzie Automotive” down M-22 by Watervale, I never know his name.  She is the local dog groomer and quilter extraordinaire. Her sister in law, Tina, manages the deli counter at Glenn’s and Tina’s husband is the township supervisor here.  Ohhhhh the connections!  Tina’s son used to date my niece Danielle. I cannot decide if I should go on or just get back to the subject at hand, heehee

Cindy and her family (husband and 2 kids) moved into the new house a year or so ago.  The old house is close to the road and has been empty ever since then.  For a long time they had a sign up stating  “House for free”  but apparently no one wanted to deal with moving the thing.    Today they were tearing it down.
I stopped on my way back from town and took 2 pictures

Not really a house anymore

Not really a house anymore




And now for something completely different… a cute, spiney caterpillar



The Ax-Man

We have a young couple here this week who have stayed with us one other time. She said to me that when she first started reading the blog, she went through the whole thing trying to see if I had written a story about them.  “Why no,” I said with a motherly undertone, “what story, dear?” (rubbing my hands with glee and anticipation of a new story to tell you all)  and she filled in my somewhat murky memory:

On that first stay with us, HE took a stroll around the property.  By the fire pit, he discovered that someone had left an ax and he saw that there were a bunch of logs laying around (the pit).  He thought that he should be helpful and cut some wood for the fire pit and so he went to work on doing just that.
I don’t remember exactly how or who finally went out to tell him that ummm…he better stop now because he was cutting up all the logs  that we sit on when we have a fire.
I do remember that I was standing at the kitchen window looking at this guy going crazy out there with the ax.  I didn’t quite know what to make of him – that’s when the chicken in me calls  Mike to check things out 😉

She should not have jolted my memory, muahahahahaaaaaaa

Guess what!

Rob and Sarah S.  arrived yesterday, bringing along their little people and they had something for me…

Sassy McDuckerson's country cousin - Maisy :)Sassy McDuckerson’s country cousin – Maisy 🙂

She is very shy and didn’t want her photo taken. Hence the somewhat awkward shot of those two girls

I tried to take a photo through the weeds, from behind and I think it turned out slightly better

Sadly that’s it for today.  I have to pay bills and go weed the garden.  If something comes up I might post another blog.  Go ahead and check in later on this afternoon 😉

Have a great day everybody…