Chris the cable guy

We have had expanded cable here at the Wayfarer, or what ever that is called, for the last 12 years.  For some reason the higher the channel, the worse the picture.  Every year I call the cable company to get that taken care of and every year they sort of fix it.

Today Chris came.

Chris the cable guy

Chris the cable guy

He’s a neighbor working for the cable company (I didn’t know him/that).

He is the first one to diagnose something that makes sense.  Yay.  If he keeps his word, it will take all day but he WILL be here in the morning.

Yahooooouuuuooooo :mrgreen:

the cable car, heehee

the cable car, heehee

get it? Cable car as in San Francisco Cable Car.


Follow-up – Chris did come, he worked here most of the day, we’ve never had better reception, ever.   Ooops and I almost forgot to tell you all that the wireless internet has been fixed and is working swimmingly. So when you get here and absolutely cannot stay away from your computer and email and forums and what not, come and ask me for the access code, I’ll give it to you for freeeeeeeee

🙂 “The woman at the Wayfarer” is very happy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Chris the cable guy

  1. While I am so happy for you, and glad to hear the wireless is running, I would like to keep that between you and me, and not let my husband in on that little secret, ok? 🙂

  2. I have had to call the cable comp here at least one or two times a year and like you every year it gets a little better.

    After the digital thing we had some problems again but they are mostly fixed.

    Ask Chris if he has a brother in Florida.

    Take care

  3. I love the pictures on this page. It’s sounds like a very cool place to live. Take it easy and stay cool (lol).

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