The Doctor is in

Today Ty had his sports physical with our very own Dr. Coles.  He is great.

Dr. Coles is a typical country doctor who knows his patients like he knows his family.  If he doesn’t know what might be wrong, he consults one of his huge books.  Visits with Dr. Coles typically last an hour, they involve chatting about our lives.  I bet if he were like the doctors we grew up with in Germany, he’d come over for a home visit and look in on his patients, knowing that there would be a cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake waiting for him.
Lately we’ve been talking about his daughter’s upcoming wedding this weekend, with his mother and sister staying with us here at the Wayfarer – he is never in a rush to get to the next patient and his waiting room is always stuffed with patients.

So, Ty had his physical while I waited outside chatting with Linda (the former county prosecutor’s wife) and Vicky, her partner in crime, errrr….her college in the front office.   After a while Minda, Dr. Coles’ nurse called me in to discuss some shots that neither of my kids ever got and need to get and we were all scratching our heads as to how that could have slipped through the cracks and not even the school noticed it, etc.  So now, both boys have to go to the big “blood letting” up to Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital tomorrow and get those tests out of the way.  Never a dull moment 😉

So here’s looking at Minda’s domain, it always looks like my office does. Makes me feel better about that.


Minda didn't want me to take her pictureMinda didn’t want me to take her picture

“ok Minda, no problem, I won’t take your picture”, heehee

Ahemmmm! I lied :)

Ahemmmm! I lied :mrgreen:

There he is :)There he is :)

That was the excitement of the day.
The only other thing that is worth reporting [or not] is that I tried to fix my dishwasher which doesn’t wash dishes anymore, it just distributes the little food particles and whatever mess is left in our coffee cups all over all of the dishes and then bakes them on in the drying cycle.  I couldn’t fix the dang thing.
I am not going to call the local appliance store after their repair guy called me one day and yelled at me [instead of coming over to work on the problem] because my washing machine doesn’t work so well anymore.  He told me that all those machines work just fine. I seem to be the only one who has a problem with it and he told me basically that I was stupid not to know that I need to buy a very expensive product and with that to periodically clean my washing machine. Huh? 😯  Who ever has heard of such an asinine thing.
Anyway, I will not call them to come and repair my dishwasher, I’d sooner buy a whole new one.

Ok rant over, nothing to see here.  Everybody go back to work  – move along :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “The Doctor is in

  1. shelley brown

    I used to see Dr. Coles when I lived back there. He is AWESOME! Luckily I found a Dr. out here almost as great as Dr. Coles.

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Repairmen and contractors rule the world. Forget about university – send the boys to plumbing school. They’ll be millionaires and never have to show up on time – ever.

    My dishwasher did the same thing – it was something about the water in the hose not shooting up high enough or something. Maybe something’s stuck in the hose.

  3. You sound like a very frustrated woman today. Better have a couple of cocktails, well maybe you should just consume the whole bottle.
    your friend

  4. Oooh, I bet Minda is not going to be happy with you!! Heehee!!

    Having bloodwork drawn does not sound like a fun way to spend a day of summer vacation. Hope there is time for some ice cream in there somewhere.

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