This time it’s right

Impatiens blossom

I have these little terracotta pots installed under the windows of the front row cottages.  I like the way that looks except I have never been able to find the right flowers to plant in there that will last all summer.
The first year I had them, I stuck plastic flowers in there. Blech! what a mistake that was; every time I walked by there, they reminded me of those dreadful plastic flowers people put on grave sites.   Then I kept on buying pansies and stuck them in there.  That looks nice in the early spring, but by the end of spring/beginning of summer, those little things had grown necks so long, they nearly could bump their pretty, little heads on the sidewalk.  Blech!
This year I listened to none other than Jane from Putney’s in Arcadia. You know of whom I speak if you’ve been with me here since April 😉
Jane told me to use 3 Impatiens for every pot: 1 white, 1 orange and 1 red and watch the beauty unfold.  OMGosh she was so right.  The Impatiens are absolutely wonderful to look at and they are no work at all.  In the spring, when they looked so bedraggled still and had nothing to show for, I would not have believed that they could look this good.

Thank you Jane

Impatiens cottage 4

cottage 4

cottage 5

cottage 5

7 thoughts on “This time it’s right

  1. Janice Gravelines

    The pots look beautiful! I love impatiens. They’re one of the few flowers that flourish in the shade.

  2. Yes, this is the kind of summer impatiens love. Little sun, lots of shade and rain! They need lots of water. :))

    I plant them under the trees in my backyard. I love how they look when they are in full bloom.

  3. It would be even more beautiful if there weren’t a big clumsy puppy in the backyard that felt the need to step on said impatiens!!

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