Looks like there may be vegetables this summer after all 🙂

squash blossom :)squash blossom 🙂

What are those little specs on there? I hope not little critters that will destroy my harvest.

my chicken, yay!

My chicken, yay!

And after looking at all those goodies, Bear and I took an afternoon stroll around the back-forty.  There were a bunch of Monarch butterflies out there flitting around but they would not sit still long enough for me to train my camera on them.  So once again there are a lot of pictures of flowers and a Bear and not much else.  The meadow is really coming alive now.  See for yourself

Black Eye Susans everywhere.

Black Eye Susans everywhere.

artsy-fartsy shot :)artsy-fartsy shot 🙂

thistle, thistle, thistle...not easy to say for this foreigner

thistle, thistle, thistle…not easy to say for this foreigner

the house

I love the weeds growing under my kitchen window. The look very delibarate, I think.

And now some pics of Bear


Bear :)

Bear 🙂

7 thoughts on “Phood

  1. Kim of the Chamber

    Weeds are only unwanted flowers.
    oh! and I like your artsy-fartsy shot.

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Bear makes me smile.

  3. The black eyed susans at this time of year make my heart sing. I see them every where I turn, I love it.

    Bear looks so at home in those photos.

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