New guests that fit like a glove

Funny how some guests just come in and are part of it all – immediately.

Yesterday Douglas David – painter, arrived for his 3 night stay and he was right at home.  We had drinks on the front porch the day he arrived and today we had drinks in his backyard.   We all needed a drink, I guess 8)

He spends quite a bit of time in this area so I am sure we will see him again.   Some of his works can be seen at Betsie Bay Furniture on Main Street in Frankfort and I think some of his paintings are at a gallery in Glen Arbor and some are at MacBeth in Onekama.  He has a calendar of events on his website so check it out!

Now don’t everybody go on thinking that all we do here is drink, I know it’s easy to believe with all of my cocktail posts

6 thoughts on “New guests that fit like a glove

  1. Cocktail hour is something that has been ignored far too long. I am always happy to see it observed.

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Uh – no – too much drinking never entered my mind. Tell me, where was it we met again? Oh, yes, a bar…

    One should always observed the cocktail hour. The world has become so uncivilized.

  3. Kim of the Chamber

    Is he the guy that did the painting in the window of Betsie Bay Furniture of The Garden Theater?

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