Cindy Larson’s House

Woaw…I went into town to take Marc to the Dentist for his usual 6 month thing and right next to the red barn with the horses on M-22 in Frankfort, there’s Cindy Larson’s house – The old one and the new one.

Cindy is married to “Benzie Automotive” down M-22 by Watervale, I never know his name.  She is the local dog groomer and quilter extraordinaire. Her sister in law, Tina, manages the deli counter at Glenn’s and Tina’s husband is the township supervisor here.  Ohhhhh the connections!  Tina’s son used to date my niece Danielle. I cannot decide if I should go on or just get back to the subject at hand, heehee

Cindy and her family (husband and 2 kids) moved into the new house a year or so ago.  The old house is close to the road and has been empty ever since then.  For a long time they had a sign up stating  “House for free”  but apparently no one wanted to deal with moving the thing.    Today they were tearing it down.
I stopped on my way back from town and took 2 pictures

Not really a house anymore

Not really a house anymore




And now for something completely different… a cute, spiney caterpillar



4 thoughts on “Cindy Larson’s House

  1. Do you know, I just noticed how early it is that you post these blogs? My goodness woman, do you ever sleep?

    Now, about the house. Isn’t it amazing how it all comes down? Not too long ago, we saw some folks removing the remains of a house here, and I was actually awestruck by the speed with which it came down.

    • irisofthewayfarer

      Even more amazing for me, being from Europe where the houses are built out of brick and mortar. Our houses rarely come down.
      I find it fascinating how wooden buildings can cost sooooo much money too or how about moving a house to a different lot? Amazing :mrgreen:

  2. Oh, and I purposely ignored the caterpillar. In case you were wondering.

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