The Ax-Man

We have a young couple here this week who have stayed with us one other time. She said to me that when she first started reading the blog, she went through the whole thing trying to see if I had written a story about them.  “Why no,” I said with a motherly undertone, “what story, dear?” (rubbing my hands with glee and anticipation of a new story to tell you all)  and she filled in my somewhat murky memory:

On that first stay with us, HE took a stroll around the property.  By the fire pit, he discovered that someone had left an ax and he saw that there were a bunch of logs laying around (the pit).  He thought that he should be helpful and cut some wood for the fire pit and so he went to work on doing just that.
I don’t remember exactly how or who finally went out to tell him that ummm…he better stop now because he was cutting up all the logs  that we sit on when we have a fire.
I do remember that I was standing at the kitchen window looking at this guy going crazy out there with the ax.  I didn’t quite know what to make of him – that’s when the chicken in me calls  Mike to check things out 😉

She should not have jolted my memory, muahahahahaaaaaaa

14 thoughts on “The Ax-Man

  1. Oh boy, that was funny. Guess she is sorry she brought it up now. :))

  2. Janice Gravelines

    I love when I’m reading something and suddenly laugh out loud – I just did. That is funny!!

  3. Janice Gravelines

    Oh, that’s right Innkeeper – play innocent.

  4. Whoooeee, now I am snorting.

  5. Funny story! Guess we should all remember not to be helpful and cut up someone else’s logs. Good one!

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