Innkeeper’s monotony

Monotony is starting to set in.  Nothing wrong with that, really.
The Wayfarer is now in it’s 4th week of  “getting busy” and the days seem very much the same from the day or the week before. Not for the guests, mind you, just for this innkeeper.  There’s so much to do for the guests in this area, I can’t see how anyone can pack that all into 3 or 4 days.

If I took a closer look around, instead of sitting here talking to you, I could be out in that little garden of mine and pluck some weeds.  The weeds seem to be doing just fine out there, it’s the vegetables that aren’t growing. I am beginning to wonder about that top soil we bought.  It’s almost like they gave us the stuff that had all the good things removed, oh brother


4 thoughts on “Innkeeper’s monotony

  1. Hi there in Lower Michigan. Waving at you from the Upper Peninsula! How cool to be an Innkeeper. Yep, I know that story about “should be weeding.” Got a little carried away after a day of gardening last Friday and wrote a blog from the point of view of the vegetables. Yikes! Too much gardening…

  2. Grrr weeds, indeed. I spent the better part of today and yesterday trying to rid my garden of them. Pfft.

    Looks like another bad year for cucumbers. I am very disappointed about that. Green beans, however, are doing smashingly well!

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