Concert in the Park

I was just scanning through the Frankfort-Elberta Calendar of Events
to see when Cherry and the Violators will be playing.  They are a little special to me. Maybe I’ll be one of those people who, when they’re famous, can say ” I knew them when they were still working for a living”.  Although I have never heard them play, I have been hearing the stories of their concerts and when they play where for a few years now from Paul, my hired assassin 😉

Paul - paid killer ;)

Paul -the Orkin man.  He makes sure there are no spiders or their webs to be seen in and around the Wayfarer cottages.  I love spiders and hate to have them removed but … most guests do not wish to see them.  So, we hire Paul.

Can you tell he’s a cool dude with that FooManchu?  He plays the base guitar and writes songs.  His band “Cherry and the Violators” play only original music, I believe.  Anyway, I think I may have a chance to get away later this month when they are scheduled to play in the park.  On the 24th of July to be exact.

2 thoughts on “Concert in the Park

  1. Thanks for the write-up, Iris!! You and Mike are great folks. I look forward to playing the Frankfort-Elberta area. We don’t get there enough!

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