Making Hay

Across the street from us lives a really wonderful woman.  She is in her early 90’s and looks and behaves like she’s 60.  Her name is Virginia but no one is suppose to know that or if they do, they are NOT to call her by that name.  She wants to be called ‘Sis’.  So we call her Sis.

Sis lives in the house across from us surrounded by a meadow much like the one we have over here.  Each summer a local farmer comes to cut that meadow and makes bales of hay so that his animals have something good to eat in winter.

Today was hay making day at Sis’.  I could hear the tractors all day.  Kind of a nice soothing sound actually – just humming.

a look at Sis' half mowed meadow across the street

a look at Sis’ half mowed meadow across the street to the left

bales of hay

bales of hay on the right side of the house

I think this might be the better picture

I think this might be the better picture.  I snapped it as I was on my way to the grocery store, where else? heehee
Quite a few people were there to work this time.

2 thoughts on “Making Hay

  1. I don’t know what it is about those tremendous bales of hay, but they have always held a certain fascination for me. I have never actually seen them being made, they always just seem to “show up.” Almost as if left by aliens. Hehehe.

    • Now that you say that and I think about that, I didn’t see those bales made either. First comest the tractor and then out of nowhere – bales of hay. The square little ones I can see falling off the back of the tractor though :blink:

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