Andy Love – U.S. Marine!

We’ve known Andy Love for about 10 years.  He was in elementary school back then.  Now he’s all grown up and on his way to Japan, where he will be stationed for a while.  Andy has spent time in Iraq and I am glad that he’s going to a different place.   Andy and his dad Butch came for a cup of coffee this morning and to deliver an invitation for the going away party tomorrow at Butch and Julijana’s place.
Andy is leaving his pride and joy behind…

First there's Andy

First there’s Andy, and then comes the car.
My posts about “shnazzy flitzers”, little King Midgets and other assorted vehicles must make you think that I am car crazy.  I am not.  I am just jealous, because I had to give up my beloved Bronco for the clunker that I am driving now – so never mind me and just take a look at this beauty


Ok, that’s it for today, the holiday is over, everybody get back to work, heehee.

6 thoughts on “Andy Love – U.S. Marine!

  1. Kim of the Chamber

    Thank You!!

  2. Hey, is he single? Does he want a new girlfriend that will take very good care of his car??

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