The fireworks truck

It’s always exciting to see the fireworks truck arrive.  But it is more exciting to see the people, that belong with that truck, arrive.  They are mostly all here already.  It’s quite a large family and some are not arriving until this afternoon.
First, quite a few years ago,  it was just Kay and Don, then they started to bring their teen-aged sons. Now those sons are bringing their families and “invade” the Wayfarer
So for now the truck is parked behind the cottages in the northwest corner where we stop mowing and let the meadow take over

The truck this morning, way back there

It’s been raining for 3 days straight and it rained while Bear and I took our morning stroll around the property.
“The weather better get better by tomorrow” – is all I have to say …

Then I looked at my garden and saw that nothing had changed – again 😦
I don’t know why the little things aren’t growing.  Ann Bean said to use Miracle Grow.  I wasn’t going to, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “The fireworks truck

  1. With a little m. grow and the sunshine, your garden will grow!

    It was so good to see you when we had our stay,
    We had such a nice time (despite the rain and cold)

    Hope your season is filled with prosperity and goodness! See you in the fall.

    Ann Bean

  2. Hi Ann, it is always good to see you!
    I have a bunch of miracle grow and I will use it 🙂

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