It’s Thursday again

Thursday is Elberta Market Day.

I went to go and get my share from Ware FarmIt is always so exciting to see what they have for me each week. Last week they had the most delicious mushrooms among other things.

Here is what I got this morning:



Incredible, huh? The only thing I can live without (I did toss it into the garbage) is oregano, brrrrrrr. So you see the snow peas, the squash, strawberries, Chinese cabbage, salad, arugula, garlic scapes – my new favorite flavoring.
Then I went to see Grace and bought these gorgeous duck eggs and a gluten free poppyseed loaf.  I wanted to see if “gluten free” tastes different – it doesn’t.

At another stand I purchased 2 bundles of lavender. One of which I pulled apart and made little bundles to place on top of each pillow in the cottages. Hopefully the guests will know to put them under their pillows while they sleep. I make these little bundles out of sage and thyme as well, when I have enough, and place those on top of each pillow. Some guests like it, some fling them on the floor or in the garbage. That’s alright too. I have quite a number of guests asking for them when they make reservations.

2 thoughts on “It’s Thursday again

  1. Christine Tilley

    That’s awesome. I love farmers markets. There is one starting in our area in a week or two. I can’t wait to go! Happy Fourth to the Jones Family. I’m so excited for tomorrow. Shan and I plan to go to the beach for the day and then the boardwalk at night! Yes!!

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