Basements and Toilets and Floods – oh my …

A “pool” in the basement….

Yesterday morning at 6 am I was awakened by my bride with the statement “I can hear water running in the basement”.  Now that’s enough to bring terror to a normal man, but after owning this place for 15 years, broken pipes and leaking water are not a catastrophe, well not a major one at least.  So I don a pair of britches and charge into the basement…. Yea there’s water running – a broken fitting in the main water line feeding the house, 4 inches in the basement is quite a mess. Being half asleep I try to shut off the water to the cottages (same well) and then figure out it’s another valve… Well let’s just say I won’t need a shower this morning!..

After figuring out what’s needed I head off into Frankfort – had to wait till the stores open – they don’t have that size hose. So I head for Roger Mix’s Plumbing and Heating, our saviors last Sunday from the non stop drip in cottage 2 and ask my friend Roger for help. I leave there with a handful of parts, go back again when one of them isn’t quite right, go back to the store cause I can’t find my PVC Pipe Glue, cut and push and get it all together…. Not sure if that one fitting is in far enough, but we’ll give it a try – second shower of the day….. a couple of “licks” with a wrench drive the fitting together and Eureka – not a drop coming out of any of the multiple fittings that I had to put together.

So we can “flush” again, and the customers never noticed that they were without water for the 30 seconds or so that I had shut them off. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Mike Jones Contributor at Large 😉

Roger, then a short guy, and then Mike (Roger and Mike - plumbers ;) )

Roger, then a short guy, and then Mike (Roger and Mike = plumbers  😉


What our roving reporter failed to mention here is the fact that I could have been made a widow yesterday morning, because my sweet husband stood in 4 inches of water as he pulled the string on the overhead lamp to illuminate the situation, hmmm….

I fixed a toilet today – all by myself.  And you thought that innkeeping is glamorous 🙂

2 thoughts on “Basements and Toilets and Floods – oh my …

  1. Christine Tilley

    Oh my! I’m glad everyone made it out alive! Mike, you seem to have good humor about it. Being woke up and having to deal with all of that, I commend you.

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